Greener Fabrics

Why We Exist

Our Mission

The clothing industry is currently the second biggest contributor to global emissions behind only the oil industry.
If we are to save our planet, we must make changes capable of large effect now. We see RPET as having that potential for change. As the world’s most used fabric, creating polyester from plastic bottles instead of crude oil would have an enormous positive impact. 

Plastic pollution is
destroying our planet

Toxic chemicals (like BPA & Phthalates) from plastics seep into landfill soil, ground-water and our oceans, impacting humans and wildlife. They cause disruption in fertility, reproduction and sexual maturation in humans, poison wildlife and destroy our environment.

Additionally, plastic bottles take 700 years to decompose.

Virgin polyester production uses 70 million barrels of oil annually

Virgin polyester supports the burning of fossil fuels. Using recycled polyester instead makes use of the millions of plastic bottles already in existence.

RPET performs as well as it's virgin counterpart except it results in

Less Energy Consumed

85% Less energy required by RPET as compared to Virgin Polyester

Fewer Emissions

50% - 65% less Carbon and Sulphur Dioxide released as compared to Virgin Polyester

Less Water Consumed

90% Less water usage by RPET as compared to Virgin Polyester

We exist to make
RPET simple so that it's
potential can be maximized

Here is the truth: The harder it is for businesses
to procure RPET, or the less confident they feel when purchasing recycled polyester – the more plastic will remain in landfill.

Our goal is to empower companies that see the value of RPET and help them infiltrate and disrupt their industries.