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We are industry experts in RPET

Whether a raw fabric or a finished product we simplify the entire RPET process.

Our expertise become yours

As global demand for RPET has increased, so has the incentive to sell counterfit versions. Harmful practices such as ‘greenwashing’, where plastic bottles are produced for the sole purpose of recycling, are more common, and the number of bad actors passing off virgin polyester as RPET, has increased.

Unlike other companies, we oversee every step of production and have spent years understanding the A-Z of RPET authenticity. We rely on nobody else to guarantee our standards. 

Specialist quality control

Unlike other textile products, quality assurance for RPET fabrics is nuanced and niche’ subject area that must be understood properly.

Our standards allow us to ensure industry-leading purity levels – not just authenticity.

Conducting the right checks at every stage of the process is vital:

Most businesses are only able to buy RPET from the end-seller, once the fabric has been produced.
They miss out on vital controls (exampled in red) needed to ensure RPET authenticity.

At Greener Fabrics we act as your eyes and ears so that you get the highest quality product.

Benefit from our technical know how and R&D

We stay up to date with all advancements in the PET recycling industry and regularly publish our insights so our customers benefit from our research.